Red Cliffs
Food Experience

No great vacation is complete without the food experience to go with.

Food and beverage at this beachside retreat is of localised character, giving opportunity to enjoy local cuisine.
The Standard Package includes complementary breakfast, which include options of English or Continental breakfast along with a selection of Sri Lankan breakfast specialities available on order.

If you prefer the food experience to be special, choose the
Superior All Inclusive Package and have a Specialty Personal Chef to prepare delightful cuisine to your exact liking. The cost of food and beverages are included under this option.

Outdoor Dining – The Dining Experience can be indoors, although the ambience is such that Outdoor Dining is a luxury to be enjoyed by guests at Redcliffs. The parkland is spread out over a large extent and several private dining areas can be arranged in absolute privacy to spend hours enjoying exquisite cuisine along with the pleasant climate and vistas.

All Inclusive Package:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by a specialty chef

A bottle of wine for each day of stay to be had at dinner or any time of your stay

A choice of afternoon tea from cream tea to strawberry tea to light tea to full tea depending on your mood of the hour

A selection of beverages - be it fresh fruit juices depending on seasonal availability, bottled water, choice of tea or coffee – will   be served as desired.

Red Cliffs
Red Cliffs
Red Cliffs
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